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A business organization is a group or a person of people that join forces to achieve certain commercial goals. Business organizations are set for the purpose of earning income for the owners. An example of business organizations is sole proprietorships, partnership, companies, online paper writing service reviews and cooperates. Other organizations are those set with an aim of improving the living standards of a particular community or group. Their main major is not to make a profit though they may generate income which is termed as surplus. Examples are non-governmental organizations, public schools, churches, health agencies, refugee camps, professional service organizations. Reference to this business group does better as compared to other organizations depending on the structure. The following factors will be examined when dealing with the similarities and differences found in the business organizations and other organizations; leadership, finance, funding, mission, salary, promotion, staff, committees, and size.


When looking for the leadership similarities, both organizations have leaders who give directions and manage resources, they typically provide short term and long term work schedule on how the organization should be run in the current and the future. The boards of directors of both organizations oversee the functions of the organization through the selected committees. In leadership, we have the managers who take part in the process of controlling, planning and organizing of the activities. The differences in the organizations are; in business organization, the major aim of leaders is to make maximum profit from the minimum input while other organizations leaders focus on the satisfaction of the needs they intend to serve. In business organizations, there is a lot of competition and leaders are recruited based on academic, experience and performance while other organizations choose their leaders through elections and volunteering. In the article ‘’non-profit vs. for-profit leaders, which compares whether the leaders of the two group are better than the other based on the United States and Canada states that leaders from business organizations that are based on profit speak more effectively as compared to their counterparts from the other cooperates ‘’2008.”



Both the organizations require money in order to carry out their daily operations in order to meet their goals, they also have finance department which allocates money and conducts auditing to ensure there are transparency and efficiency in the way money is allocated ‘’Karson 2006.’’ it is mandatory for the business organization to remit audited books of accounts to the government when paying tax while the other organizations such as public schools and NGO’s may be exempted from tax. The main objective of business organizations is to minimize expenditure to maximize profit while the goal of other organizations is to meet the set standards for their organizations.


Promotion occurs to the workers of business organizations and other nonprofit organization. According to analysis that was carried in the year 1992-1995 on the urban inequality, an employer survey, multi-city study, the writer found that the chances of the workers to receive promotion were less likely to be promoted in the nonprofit organizations, this is contrary to the business organizations where promotions were given a priority based on performance of the workers ‘’ Devaro and Brookshire, 2007’’ this article also depicted on how nonprofit cooperates did not base their promotions on merit or performance in job same to the business organizations. Instead, they opted to offer incentives to the workers based on their input as an instrument of motivation. The research also indicated that workers in other organizations were more motivated than those in business organizations; however r, this did not occur as a result of material compensation.


For the business organizations, the staff is paid their salary depending on the number of hours worked for and had quite a large workforce including unpaid interns while other organizations mostly depend on volunteers and employ small workforce. Workers in the same job group are paid less in the business organizations as compared to the other organizations. The motivation for the business organizations workers is majorly through salary increment, unlike other organizations who receive other incentives. Hiring and firing of workers in business organizations is done through thorough scrutiny as compared to other organizations.


Business organizations get their funding from the owners of the business normally termed as shares which they refer to working capital, cash flows, and financial capital markets while other organizations solicit their funds through individual donations, charitable foundations, government agencies grants philanthropic contributions and fundraisings.


Nonprofit organizations spend most of their time doing day to day operational issues such as fundraising, a budget achievement that occasionally makes them loose focus towards their mission. Sometimes they forget to recall that their goals and objectives id to fulfill the service and social objectives, therefore, they are required to remain focused on their goals. Tracking the progress and development of their organization is not easier at all. For the business organizations, the economists do argue that their mission is to earn a reasonable return on their investment. However the business organizations sometimes give ancillary services, for example, contribution towards the local community, employment, and the tax that support the state and the community as a whole.


Other organizations have many committees while the business organizations have limited committees usually on compensation, auditing and for governance. There may also exist committees on technology and the public relation among the business organizations. Other organizations have development, facilities, and investment committee.



The board of business organization depends on the ownership; thus, it is limited while other organizations their board tends to be larger since it has different members. The board is large because every area needs to be presented. Normally the board members of the business organizations are paid thus the number is restricted while other organizations board members are on the volunteer services.


Case Questions Scobey v Nucor Steel-Arkansas

Case Questions: Scobey v Nucor Steel-Arkansas

The case Scobey v Nucor Steel-Arkansas have presented various issues relating to the absenteeism of employees and the correct application of notice of leaves. This includes the claims of discriminatory retaliation and interference under the FMLA as filed by the plaintiff. In the case, Scobey wants to attend the funeral of his brother in law and makes this the reason for his leave. Signs of depression were also evident. However, the company Nucor cites that he did not file a proper notice and that he was just making excuses for his alcoholism. When Scobey returned, he was demoted and was forced to comply to the plant manager. The issue is related to the improper sanctions applied by the firm according to the plaintiff’s perspective. However, the company believes that this is the proper repercussion for their employee’s actions. Aside from the issue mentioned above, Scobey also believes that the company violated his rights to file a leave.

Upon careful analysis of the issues mentioned and the circumstances, the court decided to dismiss the claims of the plaintiff. This is in relation to the factors involved. Claim of discriminatory retaliation was dismissed on the ground that the dispute relating to the demotion of Scobey were not included and secured in the FMLA. The other complain was also rejected as a valid reason. The claim of interference was dismissed on the ground that proper notice was not properly secured and given by Scobey.

The court decided that adequate notice was not given. This is due to the fact that Scobey’s depression generally described without further details. This condition usually has varying types. The employee failed to give enough reasons for the depression. Scobey also did not give formal documents to express his interest to file a leave to the company. Instead, he went missing from work. On the other hand, the dissenting judge believes that Scobey gave an adequate notice. Severe depression was supposed to be implied because of two cases of nervous breakdowns as stated by the plaintiff. The majority has a better argument because evidence can not be based solely on hearsay or statements. This is especially true in this case wherein the words came from the plaintiff himself. Documents should be provided to present proofs that would serve as evidence.

From the case, it appeared that Scobey had a serious health condition, which is depression. However, this is only based on the statement of the plaintiff as shown in his conversations. Further documents should have been provided. From the point of view of another party, such as an, it appears that Scobey did not really have a serious health condition. This could be implied from the lack of documentary evidence and the sole basis, which is the plaintiff’s statement.

The current regulations emphasize 4 requirements in respect to unforeseen FMLA leave. Timing of notice is important. The employee should let the employer know about his/her leave on the usual time allotted in their agreement. According to facts that are provided The notice should contain adequate information to reasonably determine whether the leave request is done according to the FMLA requirement. Compliance to employer policies regarding documentation and other procedures related to this action. In unusual circumstances, the absence should also be explained well.

According to The employer should have handled the situation better by explaining the planned sanctions to Scobey before applying it. In the case, the demotion was done abruptly. Since this is not really included in the rules of the firm, this created a confusion. In order to abide by the company’s policies, they should have just have terminated Scobey. This would be clearer than the abrupt decision to demote their employee.

Specify type by employing craft services. History of It’s and Art Advancement

Specify type by employing craft services. History of It's and Art Advancement Creative art

Craft fairs provide you with a chance for potential buyers to pick from an effective type of artworks used with person roof top. Most worldwide method fairs are straightforward, subsequently, the majority of folks usually choose them artwork fairs no matter their quality of comprehension in art work. They provide creative art aficionados by having an casual possiblity to connect with various music artists. Potential customers get an opportunity to select various sorts of creative reports. This proves how intercontinental art form fairs provide you with a significant opportunity for overseas city to savor creative art. Additionally, they proposal art work sellers a fantastic probability to speak to buyers and access business guidance in method industry. For that reason, this document will analyze the amount of pictures contained in the variety of three or more popular world wide technique fairs, and reasons to by making use of analogue pictures. Continue reading…

Specify makeup during art succeed. History of Art and It’s Progression

Specify makeup during art succeed. History of Art and It's Progression photographic artworks

Creative art fairs sell an opportunity for possible buyers available the best many types of artworks placed beneath only one roof top. Most worldwide talent fairs are straightforward, as a result, almost all people usually participate in them artwork fairs whatever their amount of expertise in skill. They supply talent buffs by using an casual time to talk with various types of artists. Users get an opportunity to pick numerous imaginative reports. This programs how overseas art work fairs present you with a tremendous possibility of world-wide network to savor creative art. In addition, they offer up talent car dealers a really good possible opportunity to meet buyers and access make trades ideas in artwork marketplace. Accordingly, this pieces of paper will examine the portion of photographs involved in the group of a couple of well known world-wide fine art fairs, and importance of having analogue digital photography. Continue reading…

Specify the outdoors over art form job. History of Art and It’s Enhancement

Specify the outdoors over art form job. History of Art and It's Enhancement Paris Digital photo RealisticArt form fairs will offer you a chance for prospective buyers to choose between a terrific choice of artworks used less than person roof top. Most world-wide fine art fairs are intuitive, thus, nearly all people usually participate in them skill fairs irregardless of their quality of knowledge in fine art. They supply talent lovers with a informal chance to connect with various types of musicians. Consumers get the opportunity to look at assorted artistic displays. This displays how global art work fairs offer you a impressive opportunity for intercontinental community to have talent. Additionally, they propose creative art traders an excellent probability to interact with access and buyers exchange selective information in art whole world. Due to this fact, this pieces of paper will review the percentage of pictures in the menu of two to three well known world-wide creative art fairs, and reasons to make use of analogue photo taking. Continue reading…

Establish design using method jobs. History of Art and It’s Progression

Establish design using method jobs. History of Art and It's Progression Art galleriesArt form fairs offer up an opportunity for possible buyers to choose between an amazing various sorts of artworks inserted less than a specific roof top. Most worldwide technique fairs are convenient to use, accordingly, the majority very often attend them skill fairs despite their degree of knowledge in artwork. They feature talent buffs having an informal probability to interact with various types of musicians. People get an opportunity to pick from various kinds of artistic demonstrations. This reveals to how world wide craft fairs have a outstanding possibility of overseas online community to relish skill. Furthermore they furnish fine art dealerships an excellent possibility to deal with access and buyers swap resources in method scene. Hence, this newspaper will consider the number of taking photographs involved in the directory of two to three well-known world-wide fine art fairs, and the power of using only analogue professional photography. Continue reading…

Locate the outdoors as a result of fine art show results. Reputation for It’s and Art Building

Locate the outdoors as a result of fine art show results. Reputation for It's and Art Building Art Design

Art form fairs include an opportunity for potential buyers to pick from the best great many artworks positioned less than someone roof. Most overseas art form fairs are easy to use, due to this fact, lots of people often choose them creative art fairs irregardless of their degree of wisdom in art form. They offer art work lovers having an informal possibility for interact with various types of artists. Consumers get the chance to make a choice from multiple creative demonstrations. This programs how intercontinental craft fairs offer you a big possibility of foreign environment to enjoy method. They even deliver fine art car dealers the best opportunity to comply with access and buyers business selective information in creative art country. Thus, this papers will research the portion of photography as part of the directory of a trio of well known global talent fairs, and the value of the use of analogue photography. Continue reading…

Figure out dynamics simply by art form projects. Reputation It’s and Art Design

Figure out dynamics simply by art form projects. Reputation It's and Art Design social  ArtMethod fairs make available a chance for potential buyers make your choice from an excellent diversity of artworks positioned beneath at least one roof. Most world-wide creative art fairs are convenient to use, that is why, the majority of folks normally show up at them craft fairs inspite of their number of practical knowledge in creative art. They provide talent lovers which has an casual opportunity to connect to various artisans. Potential customers get the opportunity to pick different imaginative presentations. This presents how worldwide technique fairs offer a cool opportunity for global society to have method. Additionally, they will offer you artwork dealers an incredible possiblity to get together with buyers and access industry detail in art life. For that reason, this cardstock will research the portion of photography involved in the listing of some popular worldwide artwork fairs, and the significance of using analogue professional photography. Continue reading…

Distinguish the great outdoors over skill accomplish the task. Reputation of Art and It’s Growth

Distinguish the great outdoors over skill accomplish the task. Reputation of Art and It's Growth artisans worldwideTalent fairs furnish an opportunity for potential customers make your choice from a wonderful various artworks located under it roof. Most international technique fairs are convenient, hence, nearly everybody generally be present at them fine art fairs regardless of their volume of practical experience in skill. They give craft partners through an informal possiblity to connect to various types of musicians. Purchasers get the opportunity to decide upon all sorts of creative displays. This suggests how foreign technique fairs supply you with a great opportunity for overseas city to savor skill. In addition include fine art suppliers a terrific an opportunity to meet up access and buyers exchange know-how in creative art earth. Thus, this report will analyze the portion of taking pictures included in the variety of 3 or more famous global talent fairs, and importance of by using analogue photo taking. Continue reading…

Distinguish structure by skill work. Past of It’s and Art Improvement

Distinguish structure by skill work. Past of It's and Art Improvement art work dealersMethod fairs present you a chance for potential customers to choose between an amazing wide range of artworks nestled according to one particular rooftop. Most foreign art form fairs are simple to use, due to this fact, the majority of folks very often show up at them creative art fairs inspite of their degree of knowledge in artwork. They feature method enthusiasts using an casual an opportunity to talk with various types of musicians. Potential customers get a way to choose between numerous artistic demonstrations. This illustrates how world-wide art fairs give a excellent potential for intercontinental society to have enjoyment from technique. They additionally give art form traders an ideal possiblity to get together with buyers and access market help and advice in fine art society. Therefore, this cardstock will review the portion of digital photography contained in the range of a few well known international fine art fairs, and the significance of through analogue taking photos. Continue reading…